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BEDOPS: high-performance genomic feature operations

BEDOPS, a software suite for common genomic analysis tasks which offers improved flexibility, scalability and execution time characteristics over previously

Tavaxy: Integrating Taverna and Galaxy workflows with cloud computing support.

Tavaxy is a stand-alone system for creating and executing workflows based on using an extensible set of re-usable workflow patterns. Tavaxy offers a set of new

RNA-SeQC: RNA-seq metrics for quality control and process optimization.

RNA-SeQC is  a program which provides key measures of data quality. These metrics include yield, alignment and

KISSPLICE: de-novo calling alternative splicing events from RNA-seq data

kisSplice calls splicing events from one to n sets of NGS/HTS reads. It takes as input one to n sets of NGS raw reads or an already created de-Bruijn graph.

Eoulsan: a cloud computing-based framework facilitating high throughput sequencing analyses

Eoulsan is a command line workflow engine for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. It could be run either in standalone mode or in distributed mode
cloud Lca

CloudLCA: finding the lowest common ancestor in metagenome analysis using cloud computing

Estimating taxonomic content constitutes a key problem in metagenomic sequencing data analysis. However, extracting
cloud biolinux

Cloud BioLinux: pre-configured and on-demand bioinformatics computing for the genomics community

CloudBioLinux offers genome analysis resources for cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2. It is freely available, community maintained software images and data repositories for ...
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Tools to remove adapter sequences from next-generation sequencing data

List of various tools to detect and trim adapter sequences from sequencing data. Cutadapt Cutadapt removes adapter sequences from high-throughput sequencing data. This is usually necessary ...

Yabi: An online research environment for grid, high performance and cloud computing.

A 3 tier application stack to provide users with an intuitive, easy to use, abstraction of compute and data environments.

FX: an RNA-Seq analysis tool on the cloud.

FX is a user-Frendly RNA-Seq gene eXpression analysis tool, empowered by the concept of cloud-computing. With FX, you can simply upload your RNA-Seq raw .  
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