‘Transparent’ transsexuals find greater job satisfaction

Transsexual individuals who are open about their gender identity at their workplace are more likely to have greater satisfaction and commitment to their job as compared to those who don’t, a new study has claimed.

Researchers from the Rice University and Pennsylvania State University surveyed 88 transsexuals across the nation about their workplace experiences to determine what factors impact their job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

“The workplace is becoming a much more diverse place,” Michelle Hebl, the study co-author, said.

“The demographic makeup of employees is shifting due to a host of factors, such as flexible work hours, increased telecommuting, greater accessibility and protective organizational policies. Almost no empirical research has been done on transsexuals’ experiences whatsoever.

“Our research sheds light on this severely understudied population”s common workplace experiences and how such experiences can be improved,” she said.

The study’s main finding revealed that transsexuals who are open with others about their gender identity in the workplace are happier and more productive workers than those who are not open.

In addition, individuals who were more open with their family and friends about their lifestyle and who identified strongly as transsexuals were more likely to disclose their gender identity in the workplace than transsexuals who were less open and did not identify as transsexuals as strongly.

The study will be published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior.

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