Now blast resistant goggles for British troops

Protective sunglasses and goggles that can withstand a shotgun blast from just 16 feet away will be issued to British troops in Afghanistan, a media report said Sunday.

The Sawfly glasses and Bullet Ant goggles are fitted with special lenses made from a secret compound, the Daily Mail reported. They will also protect them from dirt and debris thrown up by improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The defence ministry has ordered 92,000 pairs initially, costing 3.4 million pounds (about $5 million), the newspaper said.

Canadian military equipment company Revision will make the eyewear, and will be issued to the troops from September. Each pair costs about 40 pounds.

Tests show that the polycarbonate lenses in the eyewear can resist a 12-gauge shotgun blast from just 16 feet away.

The glasses come with three interchangeable lenses – plain, light-enhancing and sun-resistant. They are anti-fog, scratch-resistant and provide visual clarity, the Mail said.

Army spokesman Colonel Peter Rafferty said: “All troops in Afghanistan are issued with protective eyewear as standard, and these are an enhancement.” (IANS)

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