Diesel cars more fuel-efficient than hybrids

A new study has revealed that some diesel cars are giving the much-hyped hybrids a run for their money when it comes to fuel efficiency.

According to the Which? Study, Toyota”s petrol-electric Prius that kick-started the fashion for hybrids a decade ago, achieved fewer miles to the gallon than a sporty BMW 3-series diesel, reports the Daily Mail.

The latest edition of Which? Car looked at the actual fuel efficiency achieved in ”real world” driving rather than the claims made by the manufacturers.

This showed that in its tests a BMW 320Ed small executive saloon managed 64.2 miles to the gallon – ahead of the Prius”s 61.4mpg.

Over a year”s driving of 12,000 miles, the BMW will cost 1,120 pounds – or 51 pounds less than the Prius at 1,171 pounds.

“In most cases you”ll save money with a hybrid. Fuel costs are low and they save drivers on tax, not to mention lower emissions.
However, they”re not always more fuel-efficient than advanced diesel engines,” the study said.

“Which? Cart has found that a diesel BMW 320Ed (fuel costs for 1 year or 12,000 miles: 1,120 pounds) would cost you less at the pumps than a Toyota Prius (1,171 pounds).

“BMW may have a reputation for making aggressive, sporty saloons, but the 320Ed (Efficient Dynamics) makes an impressive statement about BMW”s clever fuel-saving technology,” it added.

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