Now, road fuel to come from lunchtime menu!

Soon, millions of cars will be running on lunchtime favorites.

Britain’s biggest road fuel supplier, Greenergy is planning to make diesel using sausage rolls, pasties, pork pies and crisps.

The company has already signed a deal to buy up oil squeezed from waste food, which will be turned into bio-diesel at the firm”s Hull plant.

It will then be blended into the diesel that goes to one in five of Britain”s fuel pumps.

“It”s another example of British ingenuity and will help reduce our dependency on costly crude,” The Sun quoted Paul Lester, the company boss as saying.

Although only a very small proportion of each car”s fuel will come from food waste, total production will amount to millions of litres each year.

According to Lester, just one processing plant will treat enough waste pies or crisps to fill a cruise ship.

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