A stem cell that acts like ‘drugstore’ to protect, heal injuries

A new study has revealed that a stem cell that can morph into a number of different tissues acts as a protector, healer and antibiotic maker.

According to researchers at the Case Western Reserve University, Mesenchymal Stem Cells are like the drugstore that functions at the local site of injury to protect and heal.

They also discovered that the cells are innately potent antidotes to a growing list of maladies.

The cell, referred to as an MSC, “is a drugstore that functions at the local site of injury to provide all the medicine that site requires for its successful regeneration,” said Arnold Caplan, professor of biology at Case Western Reserve.

Researchers explained that MSCs sit on every blood vessel in the body and when a blood vessel is injured or enflamed, the cells detach and jump into action.

“From the front end, the cell puts up a curtain of molecules which stop an overaggressive immune system from sending in cells to survey the damage – which, if successful, would mount an autoimmune response,” Caplan added.

By injecting MSCs into damaged tissue or infusing them into the blood stream, the therapy appears to have muted damage or cured diverse conditions and disorders such as acute heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, tendonitis, juvenile diabetes, radiation syndrome, arthritis, amyotrophic lateral syndrome, burns, wounds and many more.

The study has been summarized in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

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