Sex doll makers invent human look-alike robot for dentists to work on

A sex doll maker has invented a robot that can open its mouth, cough, sneeze and talk just like a human, for young dentists to train on.

The amazing android can even move its tongue and replicate gagging after a firm, which makes 6,000 pounds sex bots, were called in to help build it.

The life-like automaton called Hanako is about to go into production after undergoing trials in the country’s most prestigious university.

Adult entertainment firm Orient were brought in when its inventors at Showa University Dentistry School were unsatisfied with earlier models that looked too scary.

“We were looking for a more realistic reaction from the robot, which now we think we have achieved,” the Sun quoted Professor Yuuji Sato, from the university, as saying.

“To make the robot training natural for students we called in Orient to help us with the design and create a more life-like experience.

“Orient also came up with a new realistic robotic tongue that has many more degrees of movement,” the professor added.

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