Testosterone therapy can overcome male menopause

Male menopause seems like a downward spiral into hell with fatigue, depression, obesity, loss of libido, memory and insomnia taking their toll, thanks to falling levels of testosterone. But scientists hold out hope for men in their 40s.

Malcolm Curruthers, study co-author from the University College London, said the misery of male menopause can easily be prevented and treated.

“Testosterone deficiency not only causes symptoms that can wreck lives and loves from as early as a man’s 40s, it is linked to heart disease, diabetes and brittle bones. Some people are even beginning to link it to Alzheimer’s disease as well,” said Curruthers.

The male menopause, which is being re-branded testosterone deficiency syndrome, so as to distance it from the female version, affects one in five men over 50, the Daily Mail reports.

But younger men can also suffer such symtoms, caused by plunging levels of the sex hormone.

Earlier this year, Robbie Williams, 37, shocked his legions of female fans by admitting he was injecting himself with testosterone to boost his sex drive.

Jabs can last up to six months and daily gels are also available.

The male menopause has long been dismissed as an excuse for men behaving badly in middle age, usually purchasing a ridiculous motorbike or fast car.

Some doctors dismiss the symptoms as an inevitable consequence of ageing.

Others say that symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, depression and loss of sex drive are just side-effects of being overweight, lazy and smoking and drinking too much.

But one of the biggest stumbling blocks has been fears that topping up a man’s testosterone raises his risk of prostate cancer.

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The study, which tracked the health for 15 years of almost 1,500 men treated at Carruthers’ Men’s Health Centre in London’s Harley Street, found this concern to be unfounded.

The men treated were no more likely to develop the cancer than other men and raising testosterone levels was found to help the prostate in other ways.

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