How hair transplant can boost sex drive and energy

Those who have resorted to taking hair transplant treatments have also shown increased sex drive, more energy and improved performance because of a specific drug prescribed along with treatment.

The treatment encompasses a technique, called FUE (follicular unit extraction), which takes individual follicles out of the back and sides of the head and implants them into the front and crown.

But the procedure itself is only one part of the treatment. The other is a drug called Propecia.

The medication, which contains the active ingredient finasteride, combats male pattern baldness and is routinely prescribed alongside hair transplants.

Male pattern baldness affects about six million British men and doctors write thousands of prescriptions for the drug each year hoping to halt men’s hair loss.

It’s pretty successful. Some studies have found that nine in ten men taking Propecia stop balding, and around 65 per cent experience regrowth.

Thought some of the patients taking the drug experience negative side effects but some of them also show the positive side effects as well.

“One or two per cent of men report a loss in libido and energy,” the Daily Mail quoted a surgeon from a private clinic in London as saying.

“But some of my patients have found the opposite – increased sex drive, more energy and also an increase in muscle mass and performance.”

And bearing the testimony to this fact is football star Wayne Rooney, who had a hair transplant treatment earlier this year. Since his treatment, his on field performance has improved drastically, so much so that the Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson has even regarded him as ‘the white Pelé’.

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Scouring through the online forums, there are numerous men who have reported these unexpected boosts.

“After one to two months of Propecia, I gained about 5lb of muscle… nothing changed with my diet or lifting routine so I guess it was the Propecia,” One, who calls himself Barry, wrote.

“I’ve been taking it for several years and my sex drive seems to be increased now (I’m in my mid 40s),” another online user, Mohair, added.

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