Superbugs could make surgery life threatening in future

Deadly drug-resistant superbugs could make surgery life threatening in future as it will be unfeasible to safeguard patients with standard antibiotics, Britain’s top super-bug expert has warned.

Professor David Livermore fears that anti-bacteria drugs are becoming increasingly ineffective because of overuse and could easily make surgeries life threatening “within a generation”.

“Modern healthcare depends so much on our ability to prevent and treat infection,” the Daily Express quoted Livermore, who is a top scientist on antibiotic resistance at the Health Protection Agency as saying.

“If that is lost through antibiotic resistance then we have lost our ability to treat superbugs and carry out routine treatments and surgery, from life-saving transplants and chemotherapy to gut operations.”

Earlier this month, researchers, scientists and clinicians working in the NHS had delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street calling on the Government to increase incentives for drug companies to bring new antibiotics on to the market.

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