Cancer-causing chemical found in peanuts, cooking oil

Food safety regulators in a Chinese province have detected carcinogenic substance Aflatoxin in peanuts and cooking oil.

The chemical was found in the food items in Shenzhen city of Guangdong province, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The cancer-causing substance triggered a health scare earlier this week after being found in milk products.

Aflatoxin occurs naturally in the environment and is produced by certain types of fungi. It can cause severe liver damage, including cancer.

The Shenzhen market supervision bureau said it found up to four times the permitted level of aflatoxin in peanuts sold in three places, and similar levels in cooking oil in four restaurants.

Food safety officials have recalled cooking oil produced by three companies in Guangdong over fears they may contain excessive levels of aflatoxin.

The companies’ storage facilities were shut down and licenses revoked. Their factories were ordered to suspend operations.

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