Glass-free 3D screens come closer to reality

You may soon have to do away with your 3D glasses, as researchers including one of Indian origin are trying to develop images that work no matter where you are in the room could see images stand out from a flat TV screen without the need for any silly eyeware.

Prof Ramesh Raskar at MIT’s Media Lab, who led the project, explained that in order to make this type of tridimensional illusion work, it was necessary to split 3D into two 2D images in a wide spectrum of view.

Afterwards, the advanced math kicks in by speedily calculating which of the two 2D pictures the audience needs to see first and second at every angle, 3D TV Watcher reported.

This is followed by light going through small lenses and a few layers of liquid crystal displays before being sorted into two categories – transparent and opaque – and at last reaching the viewer’s eye at very high rates.

The scheme itself has been conducted with the goal of widening the viewing angle combinations.

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