Women can sound sexy but men just can’t!

Still do not know why you fail every time to charm her with your voice? You just cannot sound sexy as this is one weapon of seduction that only women can enjoy – the power to make their voices sexier.

A fascinating research shows that women lower the pitch of their voice and increase their hoarseness to sound sexy but men who try to sound more attractive can sound even worse!

“This ability may be due to culture and cuts across cultures and time. There is a stereotype of what is a sexual voice in our culture – a low, breathy voice,” explained Susan Hughes, an associate professor of psychology at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Both sexes slow their speech to sound more attractive and can also manipulate their voices to sound more intelligent, the researchers found.

The study examined how men and women intentionally modify their voices to project sexiness, dominance, intelligence and confidence.

The researchers found that women could make their voices sound more attractive, but men could not.

“It got a bit worse when men tried to sound sexy,” Hughes noted.

An earlier research has found that both women and men subconsciously lower their pitch when they are flirting.

The new study suggests that the difference is rooted in mate selection.

“Women know that men place greater emphasis on looks when choosing a partner and that whether a voice sounds sexy can indicate physical beauty,” the researchers added in a paper to be published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behaviour.

The study also junked the idea that women adopt higher, more traditionally feminine tones when they are attracted to someone.

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