Orgasm opens up partners more in bed!

You have got another reason to go for some action tonight. According to a promising study, orgasm not only reinforces intimate bonds between partners but also improves communication between them.

“Post-sex communication is likely linked to sexual and relationship satisfaction. For this reason, pillow talk may play a pivotal role in maintaining intimacy,” said Amanda Denes, assistant professor at University of Connecticut.

This happens because the body releases oxytocin (bonding hormone) after orgasm that creates an atmosphere of emotional comfort.

At the same time, levels of the stress hormone cortisol go down.

The combined effect of these two hormonal changes provokes a state of mind that eases positive conversation, researchers noted.

In the study, 253 individuals aged between 18 and 45 and who had been in sexual relationships were analysed.

Researchers asked participants to log their experiences within two hours after sexual activity.

They were questioned about the nature of the experience concerning alcohol consumption, intimacy, conversation and the activity itself.

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