Click text and get it translated on Google app

For a faster real-time translation, Google has added some new features to its famous Translate App.

You can now click a photo of text and the app will instantly translate it, PC Magazine reported.

The feature will help travellers while navigating street signs or order something in a place where language is a problem.

This is how it works.

Simply point your camera at a sign or text and you will see a translated version on your screen.

This new feature works for translating French, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish to English or vice versa.

The app will even work in places where you do not have an internet or data connection.

“When talking with someone in an unfamiliar language, conversations can… get… realllllllly… sloowwww,” Barak Turovsky, Google Translate Product Lead, wrote in a blog post.

With the latest version, just tap the mic and start speaking.

The app will automatically recognise the language being spoken.

“For the rest of the conversation, you will not need to tap the mic again — it will be ready as you need it,” Turovsky added.

The new features are available on iOS and Android devices.

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