‘Facebook at Work’ launched for final testing

The social networking site has launched “Facebook at Work”, a service that works like regular Facebook except you use it to connect to colleagues who may or may not be friends.

The service is being tested ahead of its public launch scheduled later this year, according to reports.

“Facebook at Work” has the same look, apps and tools as found on the Facebook but with a different colour scheme.

The colour scheme is shaded white instead of Facebook’s trademark blue, making it easy for employers to tell whether you are on Facebook or “Facebook at Work” during office hours.

Other features like news feed, search, groups, events, messenger and photo and video sharing functions are the same.

But one needs to have a separate Facebook identity specifically for sharing with colleagues, the report added.

It will exist as a separate portal on the desktop as well as on separate apps for iPhones and Android devices.

A mobile web version will also be available.

Facebook employees are using the service internally for years now.

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