Tweets can predict a TV show’s success

Twitter activity and data regarding TV programmes can help networks and ad agencies make superior, data-driven advertising and programme marketing decisions, a study has found.

The study has been carried out by Nielsen, a leading global information and measurement company.

According to the study for network executives and ad agencies, tweets about TV programmes are an “additional signal” that can help determine how new shows might fare on premiere night, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The data gives TV executives more ideas to find out which shows might be liked the most and which need to be improved further.

For ad agencies, the analytics could help them decide where to put their money, the report added.

For the study, Nielsen analysed 42 broadcast and cable-series premieres for four-week periods.

It looked at how many times viewers in the 18-34 age group saw TV marketing — not tweets for a specific show and the size of the audience on premiere night.

The researchers found that the more a show was advertised, the bigger its audience.

The micro-blogging site Twitter has become an integral part of the TV industry’s promotional efforts in recent years.

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