Indian plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram wins World Food Prize

Eminent Indian plant scientist, Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, has been named winner of the 2014 World.

How plants can produce species without sex

Plants can transfer their entire genetic material to a partner in an asexual manner, research.

Drones to power farmers check crop progress

Drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles – would soon help farmers check the progress of.

Getting to the root of horseradish root problems

Approximately 55 percent of the horseradish produced in the United States is grown in the.

Indian state Goa looks to cashew to green mining pits

Cashew, which is distilled to make popular Goan drink feni, also has the power to.

A kitchen garden in your room!

A kitchen garden inside your room? Yes, that’s what the new concept of

Thousands of chickens, ducks culled in India

Thousands of infected chickens, ducks and emus have been culled at a state-run poultry

Plants boost healing power of anti-fungals

Certain plant compounds could help prescription drugs fight severe fungal infections in a more

Only healthy groundwater ecosystems provide clean groundwater

Two thirds of drinking water in Germany is obtained from groundwater.

Date palm leaves can help purify waste water

Date palm leaves can help remove chemicals like pharmaceuticals and dyes