Now, a fully cooked food-aid product called Instant Corn Soy Blend

A fully cooked food-aid product called Instant Corn Soy Blend that supplements meals, particularly for.

Crop with deeper roots could slash CO2 levels

Rearing crops whose roots burrow a metre deeper into the ground than those of existing.

Plant develops echo to attract bats

A rainforest vine has evolved dish-shaped leaves which develop echoes to attract bats for pollination,

Biological switch underlies memory of winter in plants

An organism is able to create a memory of some variable condition, such as quality.

A robot that is able to grow corn

A Mexican student has designed a robot capable of doing farm work including “plowing, planting,.

Trees don”t forget their roots just like humans

A study has found that trees are just like humans when it comes to responding.

Poisonous shrub Jatropha acts as natural pain killer

An extract of the poisonous shrub Jatropha curcas acts as a strong painkiller and may.

Plant hormone could boost crop output

In an important breakthrough, biologists have identified a hormone that plays a key role in.

Here’s what reduces vase life of cut flowers

A new study has pinpointed reasons for the short vase life-span of cut flowers —.

Succulent plants emerged after Earth cooled, dried up

A team of biologists have determined that cacti, succulent plants and tropical grasses emerged as.