Study Reveals New Insight into “Immortal” Plant Cells

A new study has revealed an undiscovered reprogramming mechanism that allows plants to maintain fitness.

A New Method to Record Non-diffusive Gas Transport in Plants

Researchers from the University of Granda, Spain have developed a new method which records non-diffusive.

normal and drought resistant plants
Plants Reprogrammed To Survive Droughts

Crops and other plants are constantly faced with adverse environmental conditions, such as rising temperatures.

‘Redesigned’ plants to improve biofuel production

Opening up opportunities to “redesign plants” for efficient biofuel production

Scientists identify patterns of RNA regulation in the nuclei of plants

When the human genome was first sequenced, experts predicted they would find about 100,000 genes.

Chinese biologists discover molecule behind bamboo flowering cycle

A team of Chinese biologists has discovered the molecule responsible for the coordination of the.

A carnivorous plant that is turning vegetarian

If you think that only humans are turning vegetarian, here is a new study that.

Two-inch-long hedgehog species identified!

From its roughly 52-million-year-old fossil remains, researchers have identified a two-inch-long hedgehog species

Space farming to help humans colonise other planets?

Even if humans settle down in other planets in future, will they have a sustained.

Indian plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram wins World Food Prize

Eminent Indian plant scientist, Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, has been named winner of the 2014 World.