Amazing maps show Facebook conquering the world

A series of maps charting the social networking sites that are dominant in different countries illustrates how Facebook is conquering the world with its vast network.

Italian blogger and social networking expert Vincenzo Cosenza compiled the map of social networks in the world from June 2009 to June 2011, reports the Daily Mail.

The latest map shows Facebook has completely sewn up the Americas, except for Brazil where Orkut remains the number one site.

Most of western Europe, north Africa and the Arab world and the whole of Australasia are Facebook territory.

Even India, a vast nation that was solidly Orkut has fallen to the powers of FB.

The biggest holdouts are Russia, which remains firmly in the grip of V. Kontakte, and China where QZone rules. Japan is still sticking with Mixi.

The once great sites of Friendster and LiveJournal have fallen into oblivion.

MySpace is clinging on, but it does not appear on any maps because it is not a dominant site in any country.

Hi5, popular in Mexico, Thailand and a few other Asian countries, has been wiped off the map.

And Bebo, which looked big four years ago, is now nowhere.

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