Researchers reveal how cells rebuild after they divide

Researchers from the University of Bristol have revealed how cells rebuild their nucleus and organize.

telomere ageing
Scientists find way to slow cell ageing

In a bid to find a longer, healthier life, scientists have developed a new treatment.

glycoprotein genetic disease
Researchers provide new insights into a rare genetic disease

Recently, a grassroots effort initiated by families and clinicians led to the discovery of a.

expansion microscopy
Researchers enlarge brain samples, making them easier to image

A team of researchers from MIT has now taken a novel approach to gaining such.

TRIM 28 retroviruses
Inherited viruses make us smarter

Long thought to be “junk DNA” of no real use, millions of years old inherited.

Human cells can ‘feel’ neighbours with fingers

Human cells have finger-like projections that they use to feel their surroundings, says a study,.

Scientists find how lung cancer spreads

Scientists have taken microscopic images revealing that the protein ties tethering cells together are severed.

Key protein to speed up wound healing

An Indian-origin doctor has discovered the key role a protein related to the immune system.

Scientists Create New Tool for Exploring Cells in 3D

Researchers can now explore viruses, bacteria and components of the human body in more detail.

Learn from sperm how to swim against current!

Like salmon travelling upstream to spawn, sperm cells are extremely efficient at swimming against the.