When Izumo met Juno and you were born!

We are aware that fertilisation occurs when an egg and a sperm recognise each other.

Loneliness impacts DNA repair: The long and the short of telomeres

Scientists at the Vetmeduni Vienna examined the telomere length of captive African grey parrots.

Some long non-coding RNAs are conventional after all

Researchers have come full circle and predicted that some long non-coding RNAs can give rise.

Beware! Anti-aging hormones may have opposite effect

Do you take anti-aging pills or injections in a quest to replenish youthful hormones to.

2 Americans and a German win 2013 Nobel medicine prize

The 2013 Nobel Prize honours three scientists who have solved the mystery of how the.

Researchers converted bad fat to good fat

Scientists from ETH Zurich have shown for the first time that brown and white fat.

Scientists determine how hepatitis B&D enter liver cells

Liver diseases related to the human hepatitis B virus (HBV) kill about 1 million people.

Cells control energy metabolism via hedgehog signalling pathway

Scientists discover novel diabetes and obesity therapy, and potential

Researchers Discover Regenerated Lizard Tails Are Different From Originals

Just because a lizard can grow back its tail, doesn’t mean it will be exactly.

Scientists Find Missing Link Between Players in the Epigenetic Code

Over the last two decades, scientists have come to understand that the genetic code held.