Researchers create Methuselah fly by selecting best cells

A team of researchers at the University of Bern has managed to considerably prolong the.

Modern genetics confirm ancient relationship between fins and hands

Paleontologists have documented the evolutionary adaptations necessary for ancient lobe-finned fish to transform pectoral

Gene behind brain development discovered

In a breakthrough, scientists have found a gene key for the development of our brain.

Fishing for solutions: Examining function of all genes in the zebrafish genome to benefit human health

Equipped with the zebrafish genome, researchers have designed a method to assay the function of.

Tadpole’s tail holds lessons for healing

Scientists at The University of Manchester have made a surprising finding after studying how

Gene that causes deafness pinpointed

Researchers have discovered a new genetic mutation responsible for deafness

Regenerating human limbs not easy: Study

Regenerating a new limb or organ in humans may not be as easy as mad

World’s number of IVF and ICSI babies reach 5 million mark

The number of babies born as a result of assisted reproduction technologies (ART) has reached.

Rats exhibit human-like empathy to help ‘distressed’ fellow rodents

Rats, which are generally associated with double-crossing and cheating in love, are actually empathetic

Diabetes drug could help cut risk of cancer

A new study has found that an inexpensive drug used to treats Type-2 diabetes can.