New ‘tumour-seeking’ drug brings new hope for cancer patients

A new drug has been developed that will specifically target the tumours in the body.

Soon, wonder drug to make cancer cells ‘commit suicide’

Scientists claim to have come up with radical new drug that will make cancer cells.

Light could be `promising` tool in cancer fight

Researchers in the US have revealed that light could be a “promising” tool in the.

Mice experiments can’t predict human health risk from eating well-done meat

A new study has found that normal laboratory mice are not a good model for.

Cancer-causing H. pylori bug spurs cell death

Researchers have figured out how cancer-causing bug H. pylori, which infects half the world’s population,.

Key protein fuelling growth of cancer identified

Scientists have identified a key mechanism of metastasis that could lead to blocking tumor growth.

New therapeutic target for treatment of cancer cells identified

US scientists have identified a cell cycle-regulated mechanism behind the transformation of normal cells into.

New protein behind aging, cancer identified

Scientists have found a new aging-associated protein known to be involved in cancer

Soon, flower- powered ‘smart bombs’ to kill cancer cells

Experts at the University of Bradford’s Institute of Cancer Therapeutics are developing what’s been dubbed.

Small molecule reduces cancer cell growth by starving them

A new study has discovered a small molecule that can block autophagy – a mechanism.