Dogs migrated to the Americas after humans

Dogs may have first migrated to the Americas only about 10,000 years ago, thousands of.

Modern genetics confirm ancient relationship between fins and hands

Paleontologists have documented the evolutionary adaptations necessary for ancient lobe-finned fish to transform pectoral

Pre-Jurasic era fossil of marine reptile found

A pre-Jurassic era fossil of a carnivorous marine reptile has been found on a beach.

Research shows Jaws didn’t kill his cousin

New research suggests our jawed ancestors weren’t responsible for the demise of their jawless cousins.

Fossilised tooth challenges Late Triassic assumptions

A 220 million years old tooth lodged in the thigh bone of the largest predator.

‘Extinct human gene helped Tibetans survive high altitudes’

In a ground breaking discovery, researchers have found that Tibetans were able to adapt to.

500-million-year-old fossils found in China

Fossils dating to 530 million years ago have been found in northwest China’s Shaanxi province,.

Technology reveals details of 1,000-year-old mummies

Eight mummies from ancient Egypt and Sudan will be displayed at an exhibit from Thursday.

Bacterial communication similar to that of humans!

A bacteria can be as sophisticated as humans when it comes to communication as researchers.

Humans left Africa in two migration waves: Study

In a significant discovery, researchers have found that modern humans may have dispersed in more.