Closely related birds have distinct songs and colour patterns

Canadian Researchers have found that closely related birds that share the same habitat tend to.

Female fireflies prefer males that have larger nuptial gifts to offer

Scientists say male fireflies, which are known for attracting mates with a flash of light,.

Why Tarzan spent most of his life in trees

Researchers used human street athletes as models for Tarzan to measure the energy required to.

World’s number of IVF and ICSI babies reach 5 million mark

The number of babies born as a result of assisted reproduction technologies (ART) has reached.

Animals existed 30mn years earlier than thought

University of Alberta researchers have discovered evidence that proves animals existed 585 million years ago.

`Giant` bird with bony teeth ruled Oz skies long after dinosaur demise

Museum Victoria has announced the discovery of pelagornis, a huge extinct bird with bony teeth.

Doubts cast over dinosaur cold-blood theory

One of the strongest lines of evidence that suggested dinosaurs were cold-blooded, like modern reptiles,.

Eggshells reveal birds’ evolutionary secrets

Molecules from eggshells of endangered and extinct birds can tell behaviour and evolutionary

Arctic regions much more vulnerable to change than thought

First analyses of the longest sediment core ever collected on land in the terrestrial Arctic.

Natural selection may drive cancer cells to evolve resistance to treatment

Cancer is subject to the evolutionary processes laid out by Charles Darwin in his concept.