Stonehenge celebrated winter solstice not summer as thought

Famous Stonehenge has been commonly associated with the annual celebration of summer but a researcher.

Foundations of meeting house discovered in Wales may pre-date pyramids

The foundations of a large prehistoric building older than Egypt’s pyramids have been discovered in.

New evidence supporting John the Baptist bones theory discovered

Scientists have unearthed new evidence suggesting that the mysterious remains found in an ancient reliquary.

Common ancestors of humans, fishes and reptiles looked like sharks

A new analysis of the braincase of a 290-million-year-old fossil fish that has long puzzled.

Research suggests humans evolved from prehistoric sharks

Believe it or not – humans evolved from a prehistoric shark that populated the seas.

Insects store ‘voicemail’ messages in soil through plants

Scientists had already revealed that insects could use plants as ‘green phones’ for communication with.

Female butterflies prefer males with flashier wings

With only limited exposure, female butterflies can learn to prefer males with more spots on.

Doubts cast over exploding dinosaur hypothesis

The pregnant ichthyosaur female from Holzmaden (Germany) that perished 182 million years ago has

Killer clawed dinosaurs yield new theory about flight in birds

In a new study, scientists have described how dinosaurs like Velocriaptor and Deinonychus used their.

Modern humans have better sense of smell than Neanderthals

Scientists have found that the human temporal lobes, involved in language, memory and social functions.