Early man lost his fur to stay cool while running around on 2 feet

Early man shed his hair gradually to cope with the heat of active, foraging lifestyle,.

Starving orangutans may tell tale of evolution of human teeth

Starving orangutans in Borneo may shed light on how human teeth evolved, a new study.

T-Rex tooth fetches record £36k at auction

A dinosaur tooth from the remains a Tyrannosaurus Rex found in the United States has.

Otzi the iceman’s stomach was full when he died

Otzi the iceman, a man who lived 5300 years ago, died less than an hour.

World’s oldest beds contained mosquito repellents

World’s ‘oldest beds’, which dates back to 77,000 years, were designed to naturally fend off.

Rats exhibit human-like empathy to help ‘distressed’ fellow rodents

Rats, which are generally associated with double-crossing and cheating in love, are actually empathetic

New horned dinosaur species declared almost 100 yrs after discovery

Scientists have revealed a new species of horned dinosaur almost 100 years after the initial.

‘Straight-line evolution’ causing naked mole rat sperms to deteriorate

Scientists from South Africa have shown that naked mole rate sperms have become simple and.

Ravens also make “hand” gestures like humans and great apes

Like humans, ravens also use so-called deictic gestures in order to test the interest of.

‘Skin Bones’ may have assisted large dinosaurs to survive and reproduce

Bones contained entirely within the skin of some of the largest dinosaurs on Earth might.