Diabetes drug could help cut risk of cancer

A new study has found that an inexpensive drug used to treats Type-2 diabetes can.

It’s love that makes male guppies retain their orange colour over the years

Though guppies, also known as the millionfish, have evolved over at least half-a-million years, yet.

First dogs came from East Asia, not Middle East

As opposed to previous theories that the cradle of the canine line lies in the.

‘Doh’ may have been one of man’s first words!

Popular catchword ‘Doh’ apparently has prehistoric origins and was one of the first words used.

Grandparents give humans ‘evolutionary advantage in survival’

Grandparents play a crucial role in the survival of the human beings, a new study.

First evidence found that dinosaurs ate birds

Recent evidence has confirmed what palaeontologists long suspected – dinosaurs preyed on their feathered relatives

Prehistoric skull shows earliest evidence of human violence

A healed fracture found on an ancient skull from China may be the oldest documented.

New ‘tumour-seeking’ drug brings new hope for cancer patients

A new drug has been developed that will specifically target the tumours in the body.

North Pole dinos hardly lived for 20 years

Dinosaurs that existed in the North Pole might have had tougher and shorter lifespan, with.

Why Neanderthals died out despite being as sophisticated as modern man

The real reason why Neanderthals, our caveman cousins, died out was because they were too.