Big Drop in Global Temperatures Drove Evolution of the Marsupial Carnivores

A big drop in global temperatures 12-14 million years ago may explain the evolutionary success.

Sea sponges are common ancestors of all animals

In what could put an end to a long-standing row over animal evolution, a new.

Galapagos study shows new species can develop in just two generations

A study of birds, which live on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean, has.

Tapeworms fight to control shared host

If two tapeworms infect the same host and find themselves at cross-purposes, they may actively.

Chimpanzees grunt calls
Dutch chimpanzee changed the food calls to match their Scottish counterparts

Chimpanzees living in captivity are capable of learning calls that refer to specific food items.

Researchers discover how hearing evolved

Lungfish and salamanders can hear, despite not having an outer ear or tympanic middle ear.

Enhancer Promoter Evolution
New insights into mammalian evolution

Why is a dolphin not a cat? Despite having a common ancestor, different mammalian species.

Chimpanzee talking to each other
Chimpanzees ‘talk’ about their favorite fruits and food patch size

Chimpanzees modify their food calls with respect to tree size for a high valued fruit.

Ancient stone tools shaped human communication too

The world’s oldest butchering tools gave evolutionary edge to human communication, suggests a new study,.

Dinosaurs flourished in Europe until 66 m years ago

Dinosaurs flourished in Europe until the asteroid impact that wiped them out 66 million years.