Dogs migrated to the Americas after humans

Dogs may have first migrated to the Americas only about 10,000 years ago, thousands of.

Fossilised tooth challenges Late Triassic assumptions

A 220 million years old tooth lodged in the thigh bone of the largest predator.

‘Extinct human gene helped Tibetans survive high altitudes’

In a ground breaking discovery, researchers have found that Tibetans were able to adapt to.

500-million-year-old fossils found in China

Fossils dating to 530 million years ago have been found in northwest China’s Shaanxi province,.

Technology reveals details of 1,000-year-old mummies

Eight mummies from ancient Egypt and Sudan will be displayed at an exhibit from Thursday.

Bacterial communication similar to that of humans!

A bacteria can be as sophisticated as humans when it comes to communication as researchers.

Humans left Africa in two migration waves: Study

In a significant discovery, researchers have found that modern humans may have dispersed in more.

Our vegetarian ancestors were once meat lovers!

In a thrilling discovery, paleontologists have unearthed the earliest ancestor of land-dwelling plant eaters: The.

Chilled lager beer originated in 500-year-old caves!

The origin of cold-adapted yeast that blended with a distant cousin to make your favourite.

Revealed: Biting flies behind zebras stripes formation

Go tell this to your kids that the great riddle about black and white stripes.