How organs coordinate their development with body

Believe it or not, during growth our organs do not develop synchronously with the body’s.

Genes affect betting decisions too

If you are an avid stock investor, do not just blame your destiny if you.

Older fathers pass more gene mutations to kids

Do you know that those who become father at late age tend to pass more.

Erase, restore memories at your will soon

Imagine this – removing a bad memory or reactivating a good memory may be done.

Blonde or Brunette – single DNA change can decide hair colour

To get a blonde look, you soon may not need to visit a hair clinic.

Researchers described a new type of heredity in Paramecia

Considered as an obsolete theory for many years, the transmission of acquired traits has returned.

Y chromosome was born 180 million years ago: Study

Ever thought even in your wildest dream that a very, very long time ago, the.

Genes decide why you can’t tolerate pain

To understand why different individuals have different pain tolerance levels, scientists have discovered four genes.

Strand Life to set up lab for genomics

Leading biotech firm Strand Life Sciences Ltd is setting up a laboratory here for translational.

Unlocked: How heredity, environment affect gene expression

Everyone has the same set of genes and it is difficult to determine which genes.