Genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue in Brazil

The world’s largest ever swarm of genetically modified mosquitoes has been released in a Brazilian.

Humans had sex with Neanderthals: Study

Geneticists have found that early European humans had children with Neanderthals

Hair raiser! Gene behind human baldness identified

In a breakthrough, scientists have identified a gene that is behind a rare balding condition.

New gene-editing technique to correct genetic disorder

Diseases caused by genetic mutation may become easier to cure as scientists have discovered that.

Genetic study supports link between carbohydrate digestion and obesity

New research indicates that obesity in the general population may be genetically linked to how.

Genetic regulators in blood cells located

In order to provide scientists a tool to determine how a healthy blood cell can.

Address sleep disorders to prevent diabetes, obesity: Study

Scientists have linked inadequate or disturbed sleep to the development of metabolic disorders

The mummy returns, with high cholesterol, poor dental health!

The ancient Egyptians suffered from same health issues that plague us today, including high cholesterol

Researchers find a new mutant gene for alpha-thalassemia

Chinese doctors have discovered and registered a new mutant gene for alpha-thalassemia

Hares, turtles, and the race to unravel genetic diversity

If you thought the only way to solve a puzzle was by looking at a.