Researchers explain the genetics of HIV-1 resistance

Drug resistance is a major problem when treating infections.

Penn Researcher received $1.5 Million to Reduce Gene Sequencing Costs

A collaboration between researchers at Columbia University and Marija Drndi? of the University of Pennsylvania has been.

Researchers present a metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiota in type 2 diabetes

BGI announces the online publication in the international journal Nature of a novel metagenomic study

Greenpeace demands suspension of GM crop trials in India

Environment group Greenpeace Monday demanded suspension of ongoing genetically modified (GM)

GnuBIO Awarded $4.5 Million to Develop Lower Cost Genome Sequencing Technology

GnuBIO announced today that it has been awarded a $4.5 million Phase II SBIR grant.

NIH awarded grants to expand the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE)

Grants totaling $30.3 million in fiscal year 2012 will expand the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements.

Backache? Blame your genes

If you suffer chronic lower backache, then blame your genes, not the lumbar disc generation.

Oyster Genome Uncover the Stress Adaptation and Complexity of Shell Formation

An international research team, led by Institute of Oceanology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and.

Complete Genomics to be acquired by BGI-Shenzhen for $117.6 million

Complete Genomics, Inc. , an innovative leader in whole human genomic sequencing,

NIH/NHGRI awarded $19 million to harness nanoscale technologies to cut DNA sequencing costs

Grants of almost $19 million will help to develop technologies to dramatically reduce the cost.