Genes invest you with unique facial identity

Scientists have isolated genes that shape our facial form and structure, besides explaining why twins.

Too much protein HUWE1 causes intellectual disability

2 to 3 % of the children are born with an intellectual disability.

CYCLOPS genes may serve as Achilles’ heel for cancer

Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have discovered.

Genetically engineered bacteria `kills malaria parasite`

Researchers have genetically modified a bacterium commonly found in the mosquito’s midgut and found that.

Genes determining breast size found

Researchers have identified seven genetic markers linked with a woman’s breast size

Zebrafish to give insight into causes and treatment of human diseases

Researchers including one of Indian origin are now using Zebrafish, which are popular as aquarium.

Defective gene blamed for brain and skull malformations

Scientists have discovered a gene whose mutation results in malformed faces and skulls as well.

Yak genome sheds new light on high altitude adaptation

An international team has completed the genomic sequence and analyses of a female domestic yak,.

Genes could be blamed for `bad` mums

Whether or not a woman is a good mother is at least partly controlled by.

Only mums’ blood can tell DNA of unborn baby

Stanford researchers have for the first time sequenced the genome of an unborn baby using.