Melon genome may help improve production of disease resistant varieties

A consortium of nine research centres has obtained the complete genome of melon, a horticultural.

Genes that control parrots’ ability to imitate decoded

Scientists say they have assembled more completely the string of genetic letters that could control.

Scottish lecturer found to be genetic ‘grandfather of everyone in Britain’

A retired lecturer who took a DNA test to find out where his ancestors came.

Mennonite family helps spot Parkinson’s disease gene

An international team of researchers, including one of Indian origin, has identified the latest gene.

`Sticky` Gecko toepad secrets could inspire future robots to run up walls

Geckos’ sticky toepads that allow them to climb up walls and even hang upside down.

Smoking damages DNA of hopeful dads and ups cancer risk in offsprings

Cigarette smoke damages DNA in the reproductive cells of fathers and these changes are inherited.

Why we can”t resist fries, burgers and omelettes

There may be a biological reason why fatty and cholesterol-rich foods such as buttery shrimp,.

`Trust` hormone oxytocin misregulated in people with Williams syndrome

The hormone oxytocin – often referred to as the “trust” hormone or “love hormone” for.

Genes significantly misregulated in autistic kids

Scientists have found genetic changes that help explain why one person has an autism spectrum.

Bonobo genome sequencing completed

Scientists have completed the sequencing and analysis of the genome of the last great ape,.