First Asiatic pear genomic sequence completed

An international consortium of seven worldwide universities and institutions including the University of Illinois has.

Why aliens might look like humans

Humans and aliens may share the same DNA, which could be part of a ‘universal.

New genetic path to deadly diarrheal disease discovered

Scientists have found new genetic information that illustrates how harmful bacteria cause the acute diarrheal.

Genes only partially affect intelligence levels

Genetic factors only partially affect our lifelong intelligence levels, while environmental

Protective gene for colorectal cancer identified

Scientists have identified a tumour-suppressing gene called DCC gene (Deleted Colorectal Cancer), which protects against.

Novel gene therapy cuts painful bleeding of inherited blood disorder

Scientists involving one of an Indian origin have found that a single treatment with a.

‘Malfunctioning’ gene helps clear fats from blood

A malfunctioning copy of a specific gene helps people clear fat from their systems, a.

Environment and diet leave ‘fingerprints’ on heart health

Genetic changes may lead to heart disease and can be influenced by our diet and.

Gene that pulls brake on breast cancer progression identified

A gene known as the 14-3-3s plays a critical role in halting breast cancer initiation.

Doctors perform sex change operation on toddler

A two-year-old boy underwent a sex change operation in a southern Russia city after doctors.