Genome sequencing can identify hidden cancer

Researchers have found that whole-genome sequencing can be used to identify patients’ risk for hereditary.

Koala holds clues about origins of the human genome

Eight percent of your genome derives from retroviruses that inserted themselves into human sex cells.

Human genome shaped by evolutionary race with itself

An evolutionary race between rival elements within the genomes of primates drove the evolution of.

Y chromosome was born 180 million years ago: Study

Ever thought even in your wildest dream that a very, very long time ago, the.

Strand Life to set up lab for genomics

Leading biotech firm Strand Life Sciences Ltd is setting up a laboratory here for translational.

Reseachers sequenced Turtle genome, shed light on turtle ancestry and shell evolution

From which ancestors have turtles evolved? How did they get their shell? New data provided.

Researchers show 70 percent protein-coding human genes are related to zebrafish

Completion of the zebrafish reference genome yields strong comparisons with the human genome. Researchers demonstrate.

Gene sequencing project finds new mutations to blame for a majority of brain tumor subtype

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome

The 1000 Genomes Project today presents a map of normal human genetic variation

The 1000 Genomes Project today presents a map of normal human genetic variation

Researchers map genetic code of New Zealand’s first settlers

In a landmark study, University of Otago researchers have achieved the feat of sequencing