Scientists identify long lost cousin of T. rex in China

Scientists have identified a new species of gigantic theropod dinosaur, said to be a close.

Repulsive smell could fight bed bug infestation in homes

A Swedish study has found that repulsive smells could help in combating bed bug infestation.

Genetically modified pig ‘Frankenswine’ cheaper, greener

Scientists have genetically modified a Yorkshire pig, which will be the first of a new.

Cloned meat and milk ”safe for consumption”

Meat and milk from cloned cows is safe for consumption, suggests a panel of experts.

China breeds first genetically engineered monkey

Chinese scientists said that they have bred the country’s first genetically engineered rhesus monkey, which

Herpes virus can treat head and neck cancer

Doctors have revealed that with the help of genetically engineered herpes virus they were able.

New yeasts open door for tastier light beers

Good news for calorie conscious beer lovers—new yeast products are being developed that could lead

”Psychedelic” maize may boost crop and bio-fuel yields

Scientists have identified new genes in maize, which promote carbohydrate export from leaves. These

Genetically modified soya bean can cut heart attack risk

November 3 : A genetically modified soya bean, which can help to prevent heart attacks,.