What made the oldest plesiosaur a strong swimmer

An analysis of the fossil remains of the oldest-known plesiosaur, an unusual underwater reptile that.

Statues of ancient Egyptian lioness goddess unearthed

An Egyptian-European archeological mission has discovered a collection of 27 statues of ancient Egyptian lioness.

Tyrannosaurs cannibals
Tyrannosaurs were violent cannibals

Remains of a mutilated victim provide strong evidence that T. Rex and his kin were.

ancient microorganisms without evolution
A deep-sea microorganism without evolution for more than 2 billion years

Researchers have discovered the greatest absence of evolution ever reported — a type of deep-sea.

Pre-Jurasic era fossil of marine reptile found

A pre-Jurassic era fossil of a carnivorous marine reptile has been found on a beach.

Research shows Jaws didn’t kill his cousin

New research suggests our jawed ancestors weren’t responsible for the demise of their jawless cousins.

1st human ancestor `looked like squirrel`

Newly discovered fossilized bones of the world’s oldest and most

Mystery of DNA decay unravelled, DNA has a half life of 521 years

A new study is finally laying to rest the debate over whether DNA from the.

Fossil of Ancient Spider Attack Only One of Its Type Ever Discovered

Researchers have found what they say is the only fossil ever discovered of a spider.