Researchers ‘capture’ the replication of the human genome for the first time

The Genomic Instability Group led by researcher Óscar Fernández-­?Capetillo at the

‘Odorous frogs’ are reservoir of antibiotic substances

Odorous frogs’ are a rich source of greatest known variety of anti-bacterial substances, which may.

Potent new drugs likely from witches’ brew

A brew administered by African witch doctors to pregnant women to hasten labour and delivery.

Study sheds light on famous honeybee society caste system

A new study has been undertaken to understand the famous caste system that dominates honeybee.

Metabolomics as a basis for gender-specific drugs

Analyses of the metabolic profile of blood serum reveal significant differences between men and women.

Dynamics of crucial protein linked to diabetes and cancer revealed

Scientists have shed light on a protein critical to the physiological processes involved in major.

Lung protein ‘could offer target to treat smoking-caused emphysema’

Indiana University scientists have identified a lung protein that is suspected to play a key.

Blood protein in lung cancer may help improve diagnosis, treatment

Scientists have discovered a protein in the blood of lung cancer patients that could be.

Researchers receive $9.4 million from NSF for maize and rice genomics projects

A team of Cornell researchers will develop a tool to knock out genes in maize.

Fat cells are not just dormant storage depots for calories, but an active organ

The fat tissue in those spare tires and lower belly pooches — is not just.