Cure for genetic diseases a step closer

Scientist have developed a method to turn cells from patients into mutation-free stem cells that.

New ‘malaria-in-a-dish’ method to aid better treatment of disease

A team of researcher has engineered a ‘malaria-in-a-dish’ method that paves the way for better.

Doubt over stem-cell based infertility treatment

A new study by a Swedish institution suggests that infertility cannot be successfully treated with.

Bone stem cells may regenerate bones and cartilage

Indian-American researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has identified stem cells that.

Stem cell transplants may halt progression of multiple sclerosis

Three-year outcomes from an ongoing clinical trial suggest that high-dose immunosuppressive therapy followed by

In a First, Scientists Create Human Primordial Germ Cells

Groups at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Cambridge University have jointly managed the feat.

Cure for baldness? Immune cells spur hair growth

In what could facilitate the development of novel treatment strategies for hair growth in humans

On-off switch for key stem cell gene found

Biologists at the University of Toronto have discovered an on-off switch for a stem cell.

Scientists make stem cell breakthrough

An Australian research team together with international scientists has discovered a new stem cell that.

Researchers from Sweden Grow a Blood Vessel in a Week

The technology for creating new tissues from stem cells has taken a giant leap forward..