Stem cell transplants show promise for patients with kidney problems

In a new study, scientists found that transplanting autologous renal progenitor cells (RPCs), (kidney stem

Turning diseased blood cells to stem cells may reveal cancer quickly

A study has successfully turned healthy and diseased cells into stem cells, thereby paving way.

Genetic switch that controls tissue regeneration found

It is well known that human body has the ability to heal itself. Thanks to.

Human placenta stem cells show therapeutic potential in stroke models

In a new study from the University of South Florida, researchers found that human placenta-derived.

New findings offer hope to patients with damaged kidneys

Scientists have discovered a cell in zebrafish that can be transplanted from one fish to.

Scientists convert skin cells to beating heart cells

Scripps Research Institute scientists have converted adult skin cells directly into beating heart cells

Researchers discover that stem cell marker regulates synapse formation

Among stem cell biologists there are few better-known proteins than nestin, whose very presence in.

China ”on verge of stem cell breakthrough”

China is on the verge of achieving a breakthrough in stem cell research, says a.

Cancer drug shows promise in regeneration of spinal cord injuries

Scientists have shown that cancer drug Taxol reduces regeneration obstacles after a spinal cord injury.

Stem cells derived from fat cells could be useful in tissue reconstruction

Two new studies have suggested that stem cells derived from adipose (fat) cells could be.