Stem-cell treatment helps American see again, view Taj Mahal

Seven years after he lost his sight following acute illness, it was no less than.

Genetically modified blood stem cells can help fight melanoma

Blood stem cells can be genetically modified to create cancer-fighting cells and cure patients suffering.

Foetal stem cells could be key in healing mother’s injured heart

Foetal stem cells help mothers to recuperate from heart damage, a new study by Indian.

Human embryonic stem cell tests for spinal injury treatment abandoned

A California-based drug company has halted the world’s first official trial using human embryonic stem.

Stem cell infusion boosts new heart cells by 30pc!

Scientists at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences found that infusing.

Fetal stem cells could be key in healing mother’s injured heart

Researchers including one of Indian origin has found that fetal stem cells from the placenta.

Heart repair with patient’s own stem cells hailed ‘revolutionary’

Using stem cells from patient’s own failing heart can help rejuvenate it and fight the.

‘Rejuvenated’ stem cell therapy for elderly comes closer to reality

Scientists have successfully transformed cells from patients as old as 100 into stem cells virtually.

Blood from stem cells likely within next decade

Artificial blood sourced from stem cells could be administered to organ transplant patients within the.

Do we need vampires’ appetite to accept synthetic blood?

Blood manufactured from embryonic stem cells may be less than a decade away, however researchers.