Spinal cord cell that could act as stem cell discovered

A group of scientists has discovered a new spinal cord cell, which will function as.

Coming soon, a stem cell jab to mend broken hearts

In a new treatment being hailed as a medical breakthrough, scientists have developed a single.

Stem cells that trigger hair growth may lead to new treatment for baldness

A study has discovered that molecular signals from stem cells within the skin’s fatty layer.

Soon! Patients in need of blood transfusion might become their own donors

A Paris-based research team has successfully injected cultured red blood cells (cRBCs) created from human.

Exercise improves health by influencing stem cells to become bone, not fat,

McMaster researchers have found that exercise triggers influential stem cells to become bone instead of.

Exercise fights obesity by turning stem cells into bone

Workouts can keep obesity at bay by turning influential stem cells into bone, not fat,.

‘Patient’s own bone marrow stem cells safe to treat acute stroke’

Results of a groundbreaking Phase I trial at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Stem cells from human amnion fluid show promise against respiratory diseases

A study has found that epithelial cells derived from human amnion fluid (hAECs) are therapeutic.

Stem cells may harbour Parkinson’s disease cure

A team from the Universities of Edinburgh and London, including an Indian-origin scientist, has moved.

New technique eliminates potentially lethal side effects of stem cell therapy

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a technique to eliminate potentially.