Stem cells from skin, blood regenerate faltering liver

Patients with advanced liver disease can be treated with stem cells taken from their own.

Girl cured by using her ‘own stem cells’

A surgeon has used stem cell technology to cure a girl

Novel cell therapy patches damaged heart

Scientists at Columbia Engineering have established a new method to patch a damaged heart using.

Scientists change normal tissue stem cells into cancer stem cells

Scientists have after isolating normal stem cells that form the developing placenta, given them the.

Coming soon: Cloned hair follicles to cure baldness!

In two years, you may have a new treatment for your hair loss

Brain bypass regenerates lost brain tissue

Neurosurgeons have successfully regenerated lost brain tissue through brain bypass surgery in patients

Stem cell regulations shouldn’t stifle research: Indian experts

India is mulling measures to regulate research in the therapeutic use of human embryonic stem.

Spanish scientists create first bioartificial organ

University of Granada researchers have developed the first bioartificial organ in Spain

Scientists create retina using embryonic stem cells

The processes involved in the formation of complex tissues and organs are still a mystery.

Scientists grow human heart in lab

Scientists are growing human hearts in lab which they believe could start beating within weeks,