Why aliens might look like humans

Humans and aliens may share the same DNA, which could be part of a ‘universal.

Use of ‘poisonous’ bath salts as new recreational drugs ‘skyrocketing’

Bath salts, which are considered unsafe for human consumption, are increasingly being used as recreational.

Perfect drug combos to combat severe diseases come closer to reality

Researchers have found a way of identifying ideal drug combinations, which could help prevent inflammation

Tiny wing hairs allow bats gauge speed and control flight

A new study has discovered that tiny hairs present on a bat’s wings actually helps.

Neanderthal burial ground suggests they practiced funeral rituals

The discovery of a possible Neanderthal burial ground has suggested that they practiced funeral rituals.

New Center Looks at How Human Systems Function or Fail

A new center called the National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB), based at the University.

Using purple bacteria for greener energy conversion devices

The cellular arrangement of purple bacteria could be adapted for use in solar panels and.

Deciphering the regulatory code

November 5- Embryonic development is like a well-organised building project, with the embryo’s DNA serving.

Systems Biology Seed Research

Nov. 3 – What happens to plant seeds when they germinate? That is the topic.

Synthetic Gene Circuit Allows Precise Dosing of Gene Expression

Researchers have crafted a gene circuit that permits precise tuning of a gene’s expression in.