Botox, facial fillers help old stars to look young

Wondering what magic pixie dust is keeping all of our favourite stars looking between 25 and 35, no matter when their birthday is? Here is the answer.

“Celebrities like Madonna, Kim Cattrall, Vanessa Williams and the ”Housewives” stay looking young by getting botox and facial fillers” PopEater quoted top cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dima Ali, as saying.

“Getting rid of the damaged skin layers in a controlled manner, whether it”s by mechanical, laser or chemical ablation is the best way to force your skin to renew. Started early enough it can very possibly help avoiding altogether the traditional facelift,” added Ali.

According to the report, Academy Award winning beauties are regularly seen sweeping through the lobby of Dr. Barney Kenet”s Madison Avenue office for a facial “tune up.”

“A problem for actresses is the amount of make up they use while filming which tends to clog the pores. It”s important to deep clean the face with an Alpha Hydroxy acid peel. They definitely reduce the appearance of fine lines and freshen the face,” said Kenet.

Ali said, “everyone is freezing their faces at younger and younger ages (16 is the youngest I”ve heard of so far and she was brought in by her mother!) hoping to maintain their youthful appearance. We all witnessed Kim K. getting it (and hating it) on her reality show. I believe she”s 29 though and I think that”s a more reasonable age for botox as a preventive measure.”

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