Bus commuters ‘walk nearly 300 miles a year’

Commuters catching the bus walk nearly 300 miles a year, a new research has revealed.

According to the University of Sussex study of more than 400 journeys across Britain, the distance constitutes an average of 0.8 miles each day to and from bus stops between their homes and offices,

“Someone who travels by bus daily will walk almost 460km (286 miles) per year. That is the equivalent of walking 11 marathons,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr David Lewis, who carried out the research, as saying.

“This would be of substantial benefit to the two thirds of British adults who, according to the 2010 Health Survey, do not achieve the recommended levels of exercise,” he said.

“This study demonstrates that using the bus instead of the car could enhance both personal and national well-being,” he added.

The findings were presented to the MPs helping to shape UK Government’s transport policy.

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