prostate cancer
Novel technique improves prostate cancer detection

Researchers have developed a non-invasive imaging technique to detect the severity of prostate tumour which

Phosphatidylinositol Acyl Chain
A novel biomarker could help pathologists assessing tumors during surgery

Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) today report the discovery of a novel cellular.

New 3-D culture system for pancreatic cancer developed

In a breakthrough, a new 3-D method to grow pancreatic tissue not only from laboratory.

Atypical hyperplasia ups risk of breast cancer

Women with atypical hyperplasia of the breast, a precancerous condition, have a higher risk of.

Cancer deaths in US drop 22 percent in 20 years

Driven by declines in smoking rates, cancer mortality in the US has dropped 22 percent.

Two-thirds of cancer cases due to “bad luck”

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have created a statistical model that measures.

New compound to kill cancer cells identified

A small molecule that resets the ‘biological clock’ of cancer cells can help shrink tumour.

Cancer therapy Strategy
Personalised cancer treatment soon

In a development that could lead to personalised treatment for people suffering from cancer, two.

Rare cancer’s genetic pathway identified

The “mutational landscape” of a rare, highly fatal form of liver cancer that disproportionately affects.

Drugs for bone loss may help prevent uterine cancer

Women who consume medicines commonly used to treat osteoporosis and other bone conditions halve the.