Breast cancer
Scientists identify novel breast cancer gene

British researchers have identified a novel gene that is especially active in a difficult-to-treat form.

prostate cancer
Novel technique improves prostate cancer detection

Researchers have developed a non-invasive imaging technique to detect the severity of prostate tumour which

Phosphatidylinositol Acyl Chain
A novel biomarker could help pathologists assessing tumors during surgery

Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) today report the discovery of a novel cellular.

New 3-D culture system for pancreatic cancer developed

In a breakthrough, a new 3-D method to grow pancreatic tissue not only from laboratory.

Atypical hyperplasia ups risk of breast cancer

Women with atypical hyperplasia of the breast, a precancerous condition, have a higher risk of.

Cancer deaths in US drop 22 percent in 20 years

Driven by declines in smoking rates, cancer mortality in the US has dropped 22 percent.

Two-thirds of cancer cases due to “bad luck”

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have created a statistical model that measures.

New compound to kill cancer cells identified

A small molecule that resets the ‘biological clock’ of cancer cells can help shrink tumour.

Cancer therapy Strategy
Personalised cancer treatment soon

In a development that could lead to personalised treatment for people suffering from cancer, two.

Rare cancer’s genetic pathway identified

The “mutational landscape” of a rare, highly fatal form of liver cancer that disproportionately affects.